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以市場為導向,佔據技術制高點”,在市場競爭越來越激烈的今天,本公司 公司將進一步加大研發力量,創造協昌石材更廣闊的未來!


1. 工具部 : 提供石業生產、裝飾公司和酒店所需要的工具、幹掛輔料,包括化工護理產品及打磨用品。 包括意大 利、西班牙名固的名牌產品。
2. 護理部 : 提供專業的石材翻新、地坪打磨護理服務、無縫處理,防水、 防汙、防油及晶面處理,除黃除鏽,除白樺泛堿,邊角修復,清除石材頑漬汙垢,超高壓水洗面,所有工作人員經嚴格訓練,採用最先進的機械,配合高檔 專用護理品,達到最佳效果。
3. 石材部 : 生產高檔馬賽克掛畫及拼花,供應各種高檔大理石、花崗石、 異形加工,針對別墅、會所、樣晶房的石材供應。


Plenty Marble & Engineering Limited is a experience marble selling and re-surfacing service companies in Hong Kong.

Our core competencies are sanitary ware re-surfacing, marble care, and projects on interior design and decoration. With our rich projects experience, we pledge to offer professional and top-quality commercial and residential services by implementing advanced technological knowledge and expertise.


We specializes in restoring, resurfacing, polishing, and sealing your marble, limestone, granite, terrazzo, and stone surfaces. Our experienced technicians provide quality on-site workmanship, while providing protection to the adjacent walls and surfaces. We work in fine homes, shopping mail, building project, as well as many other institutions, and work on historic properties as well as new construction.

So, we take pride in our customer property and the completed restoration.

Also, we provides a means to maintain your stone. Our goal is to provide our customers with a complete restoration and preservation service. That includes providing them with the proper products to protect their valuable investments. Whether you are a homeowner, a contractor, an architect, a cleaning service, or a building manager, we can supply you according to your natural stone care needs.


Our marble care services items are as below:


Protect surfaces from scratching, staining, and etching by keeping them free of debris or sharp objects. Wiping up spills immediately and avoiding contact with chemicals, particularly acid-based materials.
Clean with pH neutral products or those especially formulated for use on Marble/Stone.
After a period of use, apply a penetrating sealer to prevent contaminates from being absorbed into the top.
Remove stains with special absorbent poultices formulated for use on Marble/Stone.
Renew the surface on polished Marble/Stone (identified by its high gloss surface) by buffing with special Marble/Stone polish powders or creams.